Zuivere Japanse Wierook

  • Zuivere Japanse Wierook

Zuivere Japanse wieroken - 100% niet toxisch
De kwaliteit is zeer goed, veel beter dan de goedkopere Indiase wieroken die vaak toxische bestanddelen bevatten.
FRAGRANCE: EARTH incense brings the grounding, healing power of ancient trees and rain forests. The warm, woodsy fragrances of vetivert, cypress and patchouli bring you back to earth, rested and calm.

FRAGRANCE: WATER incense balances and calms your emotions with the element of water. The energy of Iceland's glacier waterfalls comes to you in the scents of green mist, ice water, and musk. Wonderful! 

FRAGRANCE: FIRE is a curiously energizing aroma, spicy and delicious, yet with a hint of sweetness. An incredible blend of mango, clove and benzoin make this different from any other fragrance.

FRAGRANCE: AIR is an ethereal, uplifting scent that reminds you of the crisp refreshing breeze from the mountaintops. Made with a mix of anise, tomato leaf, and galbanum for an unforgettable invigorating sensation.

FRAGRANCE: SPACE incense opens and calms your mind. Exotic scents of saffron, cinnamon and amber soothe you into a blissfully meditative stat.
Incredibly high quality Japanese style incense, made without any wood or bamboo core. Created from pure woods, resins, and herbs pressed into a delicate stick shape.

Each pack contains 40 sticks and a ceramic incense holder. Burn Time approx. 30 min.

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